Could a Bad EGR Valve Cause Poor Engine Performance?

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Car manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to make their vehicles more efficient, to cut down on unwanted maintenance and to lower those motoring bills. From time to time, therefore, they will come up with innovative gadgets, but you'll need to learn to handle them. If you have a car with an exhaust gas recycling system, then you may understand the challenge. How does the EGR system work and, most importantly, what can cause it to play up?

Engine Temperature Regulation

If a vehicle's engine is to run as effectively as possible and use the least amount of fuel, you will need to regulate the temperature within the combustion chamber carefully. Technicians have come up with a way to help this by fitting an exhaust gas recirculation system that, strategically, will redirect some of the exhaust gas back into the intake manifold. A bank of sensors controls the entire system and they 'talk' to the central computer. If the internal temperature is too high, then the computer will open the EGR valve and allow some of that exhaust gas back in.

When Things Go Wrong

The sensors carefully monitor this type of flow, and the valve can be either partially or entirely activated. However, carbon can flow through the return pipe and may build up on the surface of the valve, causing it to stick in the open or closed position. If it is stuck fully open and allows too much exhaust gas back in, then the vehicle may perform poorly. You may notice that it sounds rough or that you experience unwanted vibration. In a worst-case scenario, the vehicle may stall altogether when you bring it to a halt at a stop sign.

On the other hand, if the valve sticks in the completely closed position, the temperature within the combustion chamber will rise to unwanted levels. This may cause premature detonation, a tendency to surge forward or a lot of black smoke at the rear of the car.

Repair and Replace

If it's been some time since you cleaned your system and carbon has accumulated on the surface of the valve, you may need to replace specific components. Always make sure that you buy the best-quality EGR valve, however, as it has a crucial part to play in controlling performance and keeping those costs at bay.

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