Top Tips When Buying A Turbocharger

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A turbocharger is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your vehicle. The device compresses air, increasing the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. The result is high-end power that cannot be enjoyed in a naturally aspirated vehicle.

Below is a guide on the various considerations you should make when purchasing a turbocharger for your vehicle.

Type of Turbo

Most enthusiasts prefer a single turbo since it is cheap and easy to install. Its downside is that it kicks in at low revs and its efficiency reduces at high revs. Single turbos suffer from turbo lag. As such, they may not be ideal for people seeking high-end power and torque. Twin-turbo refers to a system that utilises two turbos. One turbo could be used for low RPMs while the other one could be used at high RPMs. 

Twin-scroll turbos are highly effective since they have a divided inlet turbine. For instance, in a four-cylinder engine, exhaust gasses from two cylinders will be fed into one inlet of the turbo. Ultimately, the twin-scroll turbo delivers more air and energy to the turbo. Unlike the single turbo, twin-scrolls do not suffer from turbo lag. 

Other available options include variable geometry turbochargers that have less lag and can work at a wide RPM range. Electric turbochargers are used alongside a standard turbocharger to improve its RPM range and eliminate lag.

Manufacturing Company

Conduct some internet research on car blogs and forums to determine which companies manufacture durable turbochargers. Do not be reluctant to spend some extra cash to purchase a quality turbocharger. Remember that you will spend more if you have to replace or repair the device every few months. 

New or Used

Turbochargers should be purchased from reputable dealers that provide product guarantees and warranties. When buying online, ask for discounts and after-sales services such as free shipping.

People on a low budget may opt to purchase used turbochargers. Below are some tips to help you buy a used turbocharger. 

  1. Inquire about the mileage. Turbochargers used for an extended period may break down after a few weeks of use.
  2. Check the owner's maintenance record. Ask how frequent the owner cleaned the turbocharger and replaced the seals.
  3. Inspect the turbocharger for a damaged compressor or housing.

You should also be concerned about what the previous use was. For example, you should expect more wear if the vehicle was used on a race track. 

When buying a turbocharger, conduct due diligence when purchasing the device. As a rule, turbos should be installed by experienced and specialised mechanics.

To learn more or to buy a turbo kit, contact an auto parts store.