4 Reasons Why Failing to Change Your Oil May Result in a Broken Engine

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Your vehicle's engine consists of multiple moving parts. These parts need to be well lubricated so as to prevent overheating, friction and physical damage. Your engine oil plays an important role in keeping the entire engine in good condition. Anytime you take your vehicle for an oil change, the oil is cleaned, flushed or replaced with a fresh supply.

It's important for motorists to ensure that they take their vehicles for regular oil changes at a local car service. Neglecting to change your oil may ultimately result in permanent engine failure. But how can a simple oil change keep your entire engine functional? Read on to find out.

1. Engine oil reduces friction between moving components

Perhaps the most important reason why you should change your oil is that it reduces friction between moving parts. If the engine were to dry out, it would knock or even become physically damaged.

Some motorists have experienced a hole appearing in the engine chassis because they didn't change their oil in time. Such physical damage occurs as a result of excessive friction between moving engine parts.

The nuts, bolts and belts that power your engine need to be lubricated so as to prevent friction and costly damages down the road.

2. Engine oil cleans dirt and debris

In addition to reducing friction, engine oil also cleans dirt and debris that has accumulated within various parts. This is why remaining with the same engine oil causes a decrease in poor performance. Over time, the engine oil will continue to accumulate debris as it moves these items towards the oil filter. A fresh supply of engine oil keeps the engine clean and the oil filter free from clogging.

3. Keeps the engine motor in good condition

Regular oil changes also help keep your engine motor in good condition. The motor plays an important role in power transfer, especially from the engine to other parts of your vehicle. However, the motor consists of many moving parts.

Without the lubrication that your engine oil provides, your motor will quickly become damaged. Timely oil changes will be important to keep your engine in good condition.

4. Keeps the engine cool

An oil change is also critical in keeping your engine cool. In addition to adding coolant, you should add a fresh supply of oil. Engine oil absorbs heat and transfers it away from the engine area. In this way, your internal engine components are less likely to overheat while driving.